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Henegama Central College was started according to the thought of  “Central Colleges” of the ordinance of free education in Sri Lanka ; Mr. C.W.W Kannangara.

By that time, Mr. J.R Jayawardana; The former and first executive president in Sri Lanka was the MP of kelaniya electorate. While he was looking for a place to build up the Central College allocated to his electorate; Kelaniya, Mr. D.M Rajapaksha one of noble donors in Henegama Village, donated a beautiful land of 11 (eleven) acres for the purpose.

The Central College was started with 180 students and 6 teachers. The first principal of Henegama Central College was Mr. D.E Rajapaksha.

Building up of new school building was started by hands of Mr J.R Jayawardana; The MP of Kelaniya electorate at that time. The prime minister, Mr Johen Kothalawale declare opened the new school on 10th of january in 1955, with the facilities of boys and girls hostels, technical unit and easthatic units, Further a two staired building, chemistry and physiological laboratories and the Principal’s quarters were among the first buildings of the school. Under the patronage of Mr. D.V Rajapaksha and some other well-wishers of the new school, a new shrine room was added to the number of build in Henegama Central College.

Another building for class rooms was built by the support of teachers and parents society of the school. The government allocated money for a biological and botanical laboratory, a dental clinic and an agricultural unit. Later, the old pupils society of Henegama Central College built a new pavilion for the school.

Mr. B.L.S.K Wicramasinhe was the principal of the school from 1948 to 1968. That period of 20 years was a golden era of Henegama Central College. Gymnastic, Karate and health societies were introduced and started as sports events in the college during the time of Mr. R.P.S Rajapaksha . At the same time, Henegama Central College was nominated as the sports school in Gampaha district. It became the cluster centerfor Henegama Mahabodhi Vidyalaya, Atikehelgalla Kanishta Vidyalaya, Uruwala Kanishta Vidyalaya, Neelammahara Kanishta Vidyalaya, Kirikiththa Kanishta Vidyalaya and Ahugammana Kanishta Vidyalaya.

The school cadeting team wa started in 1961. During 1962 and 1963 the school cadets won district championship too…